Is a building permit required?

The answer varies from town to town. A quick call to your local building inspector is a great place to start. Requirements to obtain a permit can range from a simple form, to specification charts to engineer stamped drawings. If drawings or specifications are required by your local inspector, we are happy to supply them for an additional charge.

Do I need a foundation?

es. Even though some manufacturers state that gazebos can be placed directly on the ground or a gravel base, we do not recommend this type of foundation. To keep your gazebo investment level, stable and looking good for many years to come, some type of foundation is suggested. Please check with your local building codes for foundation requirements. Please contact a ToledoPergolas.com Specialist with any further questions.

What can I do if I do not have a level spot in my yard or want to put my pergola/gazebo over a hillside?

Installation of your gazebo on a slope may require 6x6 or 4x4 posts as well as other framework under the gazebo/pergola. Contact a ToledoPergolas.com specialist for further help in planning your project.

What should I use as a stain/sealer for the gazebos/pergolas?

We recommend that you apply a high-quality sealer that includes mildew resistance and UV protection. Whether or not you opt for a tinted sealer is a personal choice. There are many high quality sealers and stains on the market. We recommend working with your local paint store.

I have an existing deck, concrete patio or paving bricks, do I need to purchase a floor package?

No, it is not necessary. If your deck, concrete patio or paving bricks are level and in good condition, our custom builds can be attached directly on top with some additional preparation. However, a floor package can be installed over these surfaces as well. Please contact a ToledoPergolas.com specialist for further details.

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